How to choose a family doctor?

Health insurance is very important in the US. Many schools require F-1 students to buy health insurance (also known as 美国医保). You are also recommended to buy health insurance after graduation, such as opt insurance. The one is ideal for international student to purchase is Huhu Insurance (also known as 虎虎保险) Some employers provide health insurance with employees. Remember to ask for your employer about health insurance before accepting an offer. Since the H-1B visa application and the H-1B lottery procedure (also known as h1b 抽签) are very complicated, you should always consider hiring an immigration lawyer (also known as 移民律师) when you apply for an H-1B visa. In this article, we will introduce how to choose a family doctor.

Family doctors can be said to be the first gatekeeper of your health. In addition to daily physical discomfort such as headache and brain heat, annual health checkups and various vaccinations, family doctors are your first point of contact, and they are in charge of your case. It is also the person who knows the best about your health for many years.

Type of family doctor

Family doctors also have different types depending on medical needs. The whole family can have different family doctors, and different family doctors can be at different stages of life.

For example, children can choose a dedicated pediatrician (Pediatrician);

There are adult kidney, lung and other chronic diseases, diabetes, and friends who need special care, you can choose Internal Medicine;

The most common category is the Family Practice/General Practice. Adults and children can take care of common diseases and are the patron saint of the whole family.

Family doctor’s selection criteriaWord of mouth reputationWhen choosing a family doctor, you want to make sure that you and your chosen family doctor can build a friendly long-term relationship. Many people will consult with their friends, family or colleagues. Of course, you have another option, please ask the doctor you already know and trust to recommend it for you.Accept new patientsHowever, it should be noted that the family doctor does not always accept new patients, so in the consultation stage, it is necessary to confirm whether the family doctor still accepts new patients. Within 30 milesThe HMO Health Insurance Plan stipulates that the family doctor you choose must be within 30 miles of your place of residence.Language communicationMeet your family doctor for the first time. In addition to letting your doctor know your physical condition, medical history, family history, special beliefs, living habits, etc., you are also an opportunity to learn about family doctors. The most important thing for the recommended family doctor is to be “responsible, caring and have a common language” to see if you have similar health, preventive health care concepts, whether you can communicate effectively, whether doctors can speak Chinese, and it is also important for many friends. Consideration.Medical networkFor the HMO program, in addition to choosing a family doctor, you also need to choose a medical network, and each insurance company has a different contracted doctor and medical network. When you choose a health insurance plan, you need a list of contracts provided by the selected health insurance company. In the middle, look for a favorite family doctor and medical network.