Consult with Legal Professionals About Export Market Development Grants

Selling products overseas has the potential to be very lucrative. You need to be able to market your products effectively to have the type of success that you are desiring. Thankfully, there are available grants that can assist you with your marketing needs. Export market development grants have been helping businesses with their overseas ventures for quite some time, and it is beneficial for you to understand how to make use of them.

Being able to get access to grant money is going to give you the potential to grow your business. It can make you more successful and will allow you to focus on what is important to your interests overseas. To make use of the grants, you need to know how to apply for them and what it takes to qualify. This is a potentially helpful situation for your company, so it is certainly worth looking into.

What Does it Take to Qualify?

Qualifying for these export market development grants will involve ensuring that your business meets certain benchmarks. The most important thing to know right away is that your company needs to make less than 50 million dollars in income each year. You also have to spend a total of at least 15,000 dollars to promote your products that you are exporting. This also applies to promoting services that you are exporting.

To get the grants, you will need to apply within four months of the end of a fiscal year. The best way to get the grants, if you think that your business qualifies, is to reach out to get legal help. You can go through with an EMDG consultant and get everything figured out expediently. They will walk you through the process and ensure that all of the paperwork is completed properly.

How Much Grant Money Is Available?

The amount of grant money that is available is actually pretty significant. It is possible to get up to 50% of the money that you are spending on various promotional activities. This can really reduce the costs of your marketing and promotional campaigns. You will need to know what types of marketing and promotional tactics are covered, though.

Things such as marketing visits, marketing consultants, the costs of promotional literature, and the cost of bringing potential buyers into the country are covered. You can even be partially reimbursed for the cost of participating in a trade fair. If you are currently marketing goods or services overseas, then it will certainly be in your best interests to look into this grant money. The potential benefits are various and so many different things are covered.

Going forward will be easier if you have a dedicated legal professional to guide you. They can take care of the particulars and you will be able to see how much grant money you will qualify for. If your company is in the right position to take advantage of these grants, then it can help you to mitigate your overall marketing costs. Don’t wait to look into things if you have business dealings overseas.